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Originally posted by Tbone16@Nov 9 2005, 12:51 PM
Man, were do you score all these rare hooptys?  Can you post pics of the 74?  Ducati has some cool new retro litre bikes.  It looks alot like a trump thruxton but they actually make like 94 hp, andyou can get them with cafe fairings and all.
I've been playing around with Ducatis for about 15 years now, the old bikes I've bought are word of mouth deals from friends and people I've met at various Ducati events.

Here is the main page for my 1974 750 GT. Follow the links there to more pictures than you can possibly want to see. Nowhere near everything is posted though, I've taken literally hundreds while working on it. After almost three years, it's finally nearing completion. I recently finished painting it and am now timing the cams so I can put the engine back in the frame. I've posted pics of it here before, but at the risk of experiencing the off topic wrath of the rodders, I'll post few more.

This one is pretty much "current state" though I have got new badges for it:

Here is a "before" pic to give you an idea of what I started with:

Here's an "in progress" shot featuring "Desmo", our wondermutt. (Sorry about the size, can't resize things on my computer at work...)

The new Ducati Sport Classics are sweet. They had a couple at Mid Ohio last July and I really liked the "Sport" model. But I think if I bought another new Duc (not likely, unless I sell a few things) I'd go with the new 1000cc Monster S2R.
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