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ooh ooh ooh! I can play!

He's my CB750 frame. NOS rigid frame made in the 70's by Tom McMullen's (Magazine publisher extraordinaire) "AEE" company. I scored it for FREE!

The details about it...I was living above Evolution Tattoo in Santa Rosa at the time, I rented the upstairs of the building. I got together with those guys all the time and we'd all wrench on our projects. So one day I was coming home with a chopper magazine and Mike asks me "Hey, Cameron...Are you looking into building a chop"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, I have a chopper frame if you're interested. I was gonna build one, but the Nova Gasser is taking up too much time and money"

"What's it a frame for"

"It's for some sort of Harley, but none of the Harley guys I've asked can tell me exactly which motor it takes"

So I check out the frame.

"Dude, That's no Harley frame...That's a Honda CB750 frame!"

"Honda? No fk'n WAY man...That's for a CHOPPER!"

"Yeah, a HONDA chopper...People used to chop Honda 750's all the time back in the day...They're making a comeback. I'll bet you a free sleeve!...If I am right, you design and tattoo a sleeve of my choice. If I am wrong, you can give me a whole sleeve of YOUR choice."

"How about if you're right and it's for a fk'n HONDA you can have the frame if you want it?"

So I pointed out the frame mounts in my Clymer manual for CB750's, then I showed him some ads for rigid frames, both big twin and sporty in The Horse.

"Wow...You're right...I guess that IS a Honda frame! You want it?"

"Hell yes I do!"

Plans are simple and traditional. 16 on the back, 21 on a girder fork up front. Sporty tank. Trailer fender. Apes. Solo seat. Drag pipes.

Paint will either be some bass boat flake monster or I'll do it red with black stripes like some of Eddie Van Halen's guitars.
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