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Default 2009 CART Track Days
Location: North East   

JULY 20 – POCONO SOUTH COURSE – Lots of high bank time until about 2 PM, when the Time Trial and the 2nd CART TEAM CHALLENGE of 2009 will occur! Cost is $215.

AUGUST 28 – POCONO NORTH COURSE – Back to “north” for a GTREAT day of racing, TT and the 3rd CART TEAM CHALLENGE of the season. Much fun! Cost is $215.

SEPTEMBER 28 - THE SECOND ANNUAL CIRCUITS MAXIMUS at POCONO RACEWAY! Our PREMIER event! Only 25 cars per “group” – 3 groups, 3 different tracks – basically open track ALL DAY, as many track miles as you can turn! At least TWO time trials promised, along with the 4th & final CART TEAM CHALLENGE of the season! Cost is $295.

Any questions or suggestions – or (860) 673-0823.

TO REGISTER – use this link: or just go to and click on the “Registration Forms” tab in the column on the left (under the “Track Day Forms” heading)!

EVENT LODGING – we are researching hotels for the Pocono & New Jersey events. We will send you another email once we have arranged some room discounts!

Thanks, all! Looking forward to seeing you “on track” in 2009! If you can pass this email along to anyone, or suggest any Bulletin Boards where I might join & post this info please let me know! If we can have a successful 2009 season then we hope to expand in 2010 to include a wider selection of tracks / events! Please help us get the word out!

And now for some fun – some videos of some of the above tracks / CART events:

Pocono South (Frank Vilece)

LRP (Frank Vilece)

Lightning – NJMP:
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