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Default Re: Artist types: Magic Crystals ?

If you cheack out the MSDS it states that it consist of Water, Urea, Aqua Amonia, and Neocryl. I think Neocryl is a proprietery name for some substance, but it makes you wonder what kinda effects if any that Amonia or Urea would produce.
Urea I believe, is found in Urine. I am not suggesting that somone go run out and piss on their fresh paint job or anything.

I am gonna find out what Neocryl is.

I found out it's a IsoCyanate, which is basically adhesive so it's kinda a binder of sorts thats used in some Laquer finishes to help achieve High Gloss.

So the way I think this stuff works is that it has a reaction of some sort from either the Amonia and or Urea and the Neocryl then provides adhesive properties in certain areas so that the following coat bonds while the rest is washed away.

Just thinking that some other possiblities are out there, although they have done the R&R so chances are they have already worked it out. I just find things like this kinda inspiring thats all.

Unkl Ian post away. I would love to see the home brew method. Love to see if my theory is correct or not.

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