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Default Re: So where Ron meatalmaster?

Originally Posted by alykat View Post
You need to check in time to time just so everyone knows you're hanging in there.
This past year I have given almost all my attention to my dog (he requires almost 18 hours a day of hands on)
Now that summer is here (if the rain would ever stop here in Ohio) I hope to get some much needed Volksrod work finished/started

I'll try to stop in and say "hey" at least once a month
Oh yeah, I'm feeling really good, all this walking has me feeling better than I have in years, as of October 9th I've been off all the pain meds, I hurt like hell, but I feel great, I even gained 25 lbs, I just wish it was all the muscle I lost, but hey, ya can't have everthing

Hope everyone has a fantastic summer

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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