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Default Re: Long shifter (pic heavy)

Originally Posted by pet19821 View Post
well im not dissing rat rod shifters or anything. i use my car daily so i wouldnt do that just cause it would kill my tranny. but like alot of you guys that have show cars and stuff no biggie. one of these days when i have a car that i dont have to rely on as my only means of transpo you bet your ass it will have a four foot stick.

dude i have an extended shifter on my daily/only car... 71 rat no top no fenders.... i speed shift on the fuckin thing all the time... i race my buddies all the time.. i've had that thing for over 3 years now... it doesn't have to be just for show. it's for whatever you want/need it to be. as far as wearing out the tranny, according to any vw manual you read, EVERYTHING will cause premature wear.. there's no denying that. these things were built to take a beating and volksrods guys really know how to beat em up..
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