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How about some trikes that are VW powered
a turbo trike owned by my dads friend, it has a 1835 with a turbo as you can see, it also weighs 1045lbs an its basically a rat-trike.Hes been building them for 30 years.

This is my dads, it has a 1600cc in it with a bus tranny.

Both trikes were hand made with fiberglass an bent pipes. The frames are angle iron. My dads isnt fast but 75hp in something that weighs 1600lbs with him on it isnt really slow. But my dads friends trike has a built up tranny an motor with a turbo, it is fast. He wont take it to the track because it would tach out before it would finish the 1/4 mile, but the 1/8 it would be quick I think. Were guessing it has some where round 200hp or more.
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