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I had a long talk with that guy right there at that show (the Real Source Funfest in Effingham Illinois). I meant to get some pics of the car but it got late and the show ended before I got to a camera. I'm glad someone took a pic.

He drives the car at that ride height and I looked underneath it. The lower torsion tube was deep into the grass. So was the nose of the car. It was DAMN low.

The top and the bed of the truck were both hand crafted by this guy and were top quality. The top is what makes the car in my opinion. The bed sides were made of steel and the top of the bed was aluminum. The windshield section was off of an older car and is chopped some 4 inches or so. It had a nice motor in it too. It was a bitchin car.

I told the guy to join us here on the volksrodders forum but he's not the computer type (he doesn't own a computer).

I didn't mind the bra but it would look better with it off.

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