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Pulled out most of the interior yesterday, had a 'new' carpet kit just set in but it's a crappy kit with fraying edges so that will be trashed. Passenger heater channel is see-through so I will be pulling the body eventually. Tried turning the engine over via the crank pulley and it is frozen solid so I borked that for sure. Also has gear oil cacked all over so it likely dropped into second while towing at 50mph and roasted both engine/trans.
Next up is pulling the engine and doing a teardown of it to see if the case is salvageable ('65 case and supposedly a 1500 so I'll see if it's too bored over or not). I'll shove it in the driveway while I mess with the engine/trans then push it inside when it's time for the body removal. New pans but crappy welds so I want to touch those up and fix a hole they missed with them then have the whole pan sprayed.
I wanted a winter project and boy do I have it now.
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