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Default Re: A Threesom With Two Fat Chicks

I am planing on using a truck upper and lower fi intake to build up a log style intake for the three duces, Kind of like a mini tunel ram. Get the runners long as possible and use a small plenum chamber hopefully promoting low end turque. My concern is that the end cyls will run lean if I run a progressive linkage. Also I'm kicking around cam options I've been told that the ex motor cannot take alot of lift. Thinking stock mustang or e303 motorsport cam. I want to keep it reasonable on fuel as I intend to be able to drive this one. No more wild wicked shit with 118* of overlap for me. The Ranger runs like a scalded dog and will pass everything on the road except for a gas station. I will say it is worth every twenty I put into the tank however. Back to the volksrod I just dont want it to have that lazy stock v-8 sound.
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