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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Talking bout the talking bird brings back an old child hood memory, my grandma knew some woman about her age that had a bunch of birds (she was super rich), one of them was a parrot named Polly, she also had a few parakeets & a cockatoo, when ever this woman would go out of town she'd bring her birds to my grandma's house so she could bird sit them until she got back home, me & my brother spent just about every weekend at my grand parents house, so I got attached to the parrot which repeated just about everything it heard on a regular basis, so one day the parrot started cussing, just a few words, shit, son of a bitch & damn-it was it, it took a while, but we finally figured out where the parrot was hearing the cussing from, they were kept in the bedroom where my grandpa got dressed for work in the mornings, if he couldn't find what he wanted he'd mumble a few cuss words, she finally started keeping the birds in another bedroom

About 3 times a year Mrs Elsaesser (the lady with the birds), would call me at my house, she wanted me to talk to her parrot over the phone because she said it would act really sad after getting home, so I'd spend about 30 minutes talking to her parrot, as soon as I said "Hey Polly" Polly would say back "Hey Ronnie" the dadgum bird knew my voice & my name, I talked to that bird until I was between 8 or 15 years old, I just thought it was amazing that a bird was that smart to recognize my voice & remember my name, I missed those calls when she passed away, I never did know what happened to her birds, but the Elsaesser family was purty large & plenty rich, the parrot was around 17 years old when I first met it & I heard they can live to be in their 70's depending on the type, I'm purty sure her's was an Amazon parrot, so it could very well be alive to this day, I haven't thought about that bird for almost 25+ years
Thank ya Keith for bring back a great memory

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