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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

Basically if the harddrive is physically damaged, which sounds like yours by your error messages, then you need to take it to a place that has a platter reader. Basically FBI equipment, where they take apart your harddrive, remove the platters (the actual storage discs) and the machine spins and reads it under it's own power. If, IF, you can find a place that can do that, the prepare to pay at LEAST $1000.

One thing to try, take your corrupt harddrive out and put it in a working PC as the secondary harddrive. See if that PC can read it and try to extract what you can. If it cannot see it in the BIOS (boot up menu before Windows, etc, try pressing DEL, ESC, F1, ???; BIOS key varies depends on motherboard) then your harddrive is most likely physically bad.

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