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Default Re: O/T computer help desk thread

Originally Posted by tattooed_pariah View Post
lol, cobey, either i'm not understanding you, or you're not understanding me...

i'm not trying to move it to another system, it's a USB plug and play external hard drive that is crashing.

my biggest dilemna now i guess is the money to buy a new Tb since i've got about 500 Gb of shit on this one..

oh well, more money in the flush hole... haha
No, I understand what you're about, which is why I am trying to ask questions.

What I would do it take the external enclosure apart and remove the two 500GB drives. Then, take the drives someone who can set them back up in a RAID config and attempt to read them. The problem may not be the drives, but rather the interface between them and the PC.
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