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Default Re: Effigy's history

Had the kid help me put the carbs back in and hook everything back up. put new oil in, dumped a can of sea foam into the tank and about a gallon of fresh gas. It turned over fine, but wouldn't fire unless a liberal amount of B12 was sprayed down each carb throat..

Bought two gallons of 93 octane yesterday and dumped it in the tank, still no full firing, but i was drunk and tired and didn't want to damage anything in my current state so I stopped working.

This morning I went back out and got it to fire up!

It idles now, still needs some fine tuning though. Tried to drive around my block (it's a short block, only like 6 houses..) made it down the back alley, but anytime I gave it gas and fully let out the clutch it would start to sputter, lose power, and try to die, so I did a three point turn at the end of the alley and put it back in the garage. did some more tweaking on the mixture screws, and readjusted my fuel pressure regulator (it was at about 4psi, brought it down to 3.5psi..) and it's idling a bit better, gonna try to road test it again..

Getting close! :D

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