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Default Re: Effigy's history

Just ran some errands with the kid. bought some materials to try and make my own steering wheel cover. The one I have right now is almost 10 years old and the elastic is gone, so it hardly stays on.. I can't find another one to save my life. the wheel is 13.5 inches and the smallest ones I can find are 14.5..

Also bought a digital timing light since I don't have a degree wheel..

It still having the same problem it had in Riverside though and I dunno what's causing it.. I'm guessing it's a matter of timing/idle speed/mixture screws..

It idles around 700rpm, but will die unless I give it the tiniest bit of gas, so I wind up manually idling around 1000..

When I start moving, it's strong all the way to about 4500-5000 and then it stutters BAD.. next time I go somewhere with the kid, i'm gonna have her record my tach so i can show what i mean when it stutters.. I think I put a 6000rpm chip in the MSD, but maybe it's just limiting early?

Iunno, it's running again and I missed it so :P

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