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Default Re: Effigy's history

been driving around for about two weeks with no right brake light or right blinkers.. finally got off my ass to fix it today..

the right tail wire was loose in it's connector, it actually fell off when I tried to disconnect it. put a new connector on and suddenly had my tail light back..

Put the DMM on the right turn wire (dual filament bulb, brakes are just turns staying lit..) and seemed to have power, put the DMM on the right turn wire from the trailer converter box, seemed to have power.. popped the trunk and tapped on the relay (it clicked for left turns but not rights..) when I flicked it, it would click once or twice, but otherwise nothing..

Went to the store and bought a new relay, swapped them in the parking lot, no change.. bought a new trailer adapter thinking maybe I fried mine.. took it home and swapped it out, no change..

checked the bulbs on the right side, both good.. FINALLY looked at the fucking wires for the front right blinker. one had come out of it's connector..

put a new connector on there and TADA, i have all my lights again.. goddamn it.. could have saved $30 in parts I apparently didn't need... oh well..

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