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Default 1930 Roadster Volkster

Ok, so let's get started on something new. It's been a while since cutting up anything and with this old rendition out there floating around, I thought, why not.

Where to start? How about a complete running '68 Convertible that needed a little a trim?

Ok, so here was the hard part. Locating some decent '29-32 Ford rear quarter panels and trunk lid to start. Got lucky and found '29-30 steel in not too bad of shape. With a couple bolts and a number of vice clamps, threw them on to see what would happen:

Not quite:

After much debate decided the rear wheels need to move back 3" and the body back 5". That left me to cutting the quarter panels and moving it back until it cleared the motor:

With the wheels moving back with the help of an IRS swap and 3x3 trailing arms, the proportions should be close plus a couple inches of junk in the trunk. Still searching for the new arms, trans, axles and pivot points.

Speaking of the trunk, here's a arse end shot:

This past weekend at the PDX swap meet, found just the parts. Here is a lower panel I had to fabricate out of some random panel that had all the right contours top to bottom and side to side:

Quarter panels:

It will need some alignment and a serious amount if internal skeleton work to mount it to the bug body.

You may find photos out of sequence following the re-post of this entire thread.

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