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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

While waiting for the parts list for the rear of the car, I quickly tired of the nose bleed in the front. So, yanked the beam, wire brushed a ton of gunk and funk and installed some adjusters.

All is well. Now it's waiting on more parts: new tie-rod ends, lowered ball joints, possibly dropped disc spindles and beam extender. The parts list keeps on growing.

My lovely wife was peering over my shoulder as I was sorting photos and said, "wow, that's ugly!" I had to agree...

The real change in attitude will come with my selected wheel tire combo, the stretch to the front and a ton of modifications including: A chop and rakes windshield, filled front fender wells, filled lower panels to hide the vert rails, shaved door handles, new 1930/32 Ford style dash, bench seat, modified door tops, new Ford bodyline and a few more trick doodads.

Because I exploded my last welder and not yet replaced, I have borrowed Mundo's little 110V to tackle a couple little tack jobs to keep the build moving. Should be a fun weekend if the sun stays out and I can shove the '37 Volkster out of the garage for a few hours.

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