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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

Did a little welding over the weekend for fun. Stitched up the quarter panel gap.

Still have a considerable amount of grinding to do and some tweaking of the bodyline which I learned on the driver side panel.

To make sure both quarters will measure the same; disassembled the rear panels, matched and bolted them together and started cutting, bending and welding.

Moving the quarter panels back, the body line changed angles a touch. ON this side, I made a number of relief cuts along the bodyline to correct the direction.

Not in a hurry to fill in the big gap in the panel because the entire wheel arch move back 3". That will happen later. Next I need to start on the interior structure to give the quarters some attachment points.

Before that, will get to chopping down the windshield 3" and modify the pitch.

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