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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

So the pan and body have parted ways for a short while. The pan has fallen victim to the cut off disc in more ways than originally panned..(get it? Panned?)
See...I was just going to modify the rear suspension and throw on a beam extender and call it a day. Well...I realized that to stay more true to the Model A, the VW doors are too long and the seat location was too far forward. I believe the Model-A doors are 29-1/4" long. Bugs...much longer by 8"

The rear convertible seat location would have looked good, but the vert B-pillars are a nightmare, SO I split the difference and decided to move EVERYTHING forward of the B-pillars, back 9".

Remove a billion spot welds and slide the front pan half back. Check. Next move the napoleon hat back 9" to include the pedal assembly.

Doing all this meant moving the shifter back. Decided on 12" to shorten the reach. No problem here except moving the e-brake.

Moving the e-brake was a little tricky with the tunnel guide tubes, but it went well. Fully welded and working. Less the need for new e-brake cables...of course.

Now I can use a bench seat. Thank you Mazda B2000.

Had to build new seat track mounts of course.

Just making this up as I go.

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