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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

Picked up a 4X8 sheet of 18ga and cut out a lot of needed panels. Those updates are coming. Between the cutting of everything, spent some time shaving the drip rails.

To do this, cut out a couple inch section of the rail. Don't try and cut completely flush as the metal is really thin on the quarter panel. Leave a little "hump" of metal. Start your tacks and then cut out another couple inches. Keep tacking the entire length and then come back and spot weld between spots, rotating sides to avoid warping. Grind patiently. You'll find a few pin holes and they are a pain to fill without burning through.

Anyway, new door tops have been cut, bent and fitted. Had to do a little shrinking to get the contour of the doors, but they will be next up.. Then replicate the Model A bodyline across the new door tops.

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