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The belt tensioner pulley is now fit.
Because the blower alignment was figured out it was easy to remake the mount in a simpler manner and incorporate the pulley mount.

Then the intake manifold was fit up.

Manifold was welded and a blow off valve was fit.
On a draw through blower system it is only used as a backfire safety.

Air filters to fit SU carbs are priced rather high for what it is so I modified an aftermarket VW filter to fit and made up the carb to blower manifold.

My measuring tape told me that a little more clearance was required to fit the blower into the engine bay so the mounts were altered and lowered the blower as far as possible and still be able to get the distributor cap off.
A second stabilizer arm was fit to the side of the blower.

Started work on the throttle cable brackets.

Remade the carb to blower pipe to allow the carb to sit lower as well.

It should all fit inside the engine compartment now.

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