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Made some more progress on this project.

Took the blower apart for cleaning and inspection, while apart the unused mounts on the blower housing were machined off to allow for more clearance.

Figured out the throttle cable, made it up from parts of an old Harley throttle cable, I have a handful of them so I will have lots of spares.

Made up the end mount for the cable, still need to get a cable joiner to connect the two cables.

Installed a new doghouse oil cooler and fit a welded fan

Welded in valve cover vent fittings

Because all the oil breather boxes that I looked at were either too much money for the product, would not fit well or were not in stock, I decided to make up my own.
First the mounts were made and put into place.

Then using a section of 2 inch exhaust tube, some fittings, perforated metal, copper scrubbie for air/oil separator media and a pair of vent filters.

This is the finished breather.

Next because the clearance between the new blower drive pulley and the cooling tin is so tight installing a belt is tough.
The answer was to make a section of the tin easily removable to allow access.

Put the engine back into the car to check on clearances.

Looks like the blower clears the inside of the deck lid, but the very top of the carb hits the inner wall of the deck lid. I could cut a hole in the lid to allow it to close and it would not be seen on the outside but I am considering other options before cutting.

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