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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by p-nor View Post
most good jackets have a removeable liner. that will cool you donw some. there are also some makers that use perforated leather in the front panels. not the most important panels for crash protection so it doesn't put you at any higher risk but it lets some air flow through. i now vanson has a few perforated jackets available. don't get lazy and ride without protection though.


I know all about that one. When i was rear ended by the tanker truck on the highway, all i had on was a long sleave tshirt, blue jeans and a pair of Rowley XL 3 Vans skateshoes on and no helmet, it was protecting the sissy bar! but its no joke, my dad sells parts for that stuff for a living to the motorcycle dealers in IL, I grew up meeting guys and girls paralyzed from the neck down or waist down. im extremely lucky to be alive right now. You can get away with blue jeans, jean jacket and some leather gloves and a good full face helmet with a visor dot approved. Its all in the motorcycle handbooks for each state and take the class highly recommended. Most guys who start riding a bike thats to big for them end up dying or in the hospital for quite some time. I've been riding since i was 3 years old dirt bikes and what not. Being too close to the front of that semi that day wasn't the brightest thing in the world. I definitely thank God everyday and have a nasty worm like scar on my elbow to remind me of it all!
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