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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
K-70s are the same stock-type tire I ran on my old BSA, sort of OK but not brilliant. On my Cafe Sporty I run Dunlop 501s bought from Bike Bandit (nice folks by the way). 110 90-18 on the front and 130 80 -18 at the rear (I'm running KZ-1000 wheels front and rear). These tires really add to the handling and feel pretty is nice in the turn, and around here they are everywhere. At any rate I'm very satisfied with them.
Hmmm... got anything you would recommend for the stock wheel on mine? I'm pretty limited since I'm using the wire wheels... I entertained the thought of sealing the spokes on the inside of the wheel so I could run tubeless, but I don't think the bead would seat properly...

How about this for the front (100/90-19, tube type):
Option 2 (doesn't look quite as good):

And this for the rear:
Dang that's expensive! That hurts.

Any ideas?
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