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The 501's are bias belt and shoud be fine with tubes. When I mount tube types I use talcum powder in the tires, which I've been doing about forever and may be an 'old wife's tale, but supposedly keeps intenal friction down, or keeps 'em from sticking when you inflate them the first time (which now that I think about is makes sense.). I don't know about the wear because I only have about 600 miles on mine. Bike Bandit was running a sale on matched tire sets at the time and I got a prety good deal. I mount and balance my own tires and so save a bunchover having this done (here about forty bucks a wheel) The 501's are really nice on the backroads in this area. My Sporty weighs about 500 lbs and I'm guessing that your 550 weighs about thirty to forty pounds less, which helps with tire longivity. I run 32 psi up front and 34 at the back...Progressive fork springs in the Police KZ-1000 front end (on the Sporty) and Works shocks out back.
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