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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

I've been guilty of an armored or heavy leather jacket with, um, regular jeans, for years. Last month I bought jeans with Kevlar lining (79 bucks). They seem to have a 'relaxed fit' compared to the Wranglers I normally wear, but should work really well when it gets cold and I have long johns underneath.
HJC makes a good helmet that got rave ratings compared to the really pricey ones (Arai, Shoei, etc) from one of the mainstream mags a year or so back (Sherrie wears one when she rides her Virago). I have an Arai (okay, I'm a helmet snob, but the fit is great) Over dreads, how 'bout an XL and a large rubber mallet for precise installation? For getting it back off, you're on your own.
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