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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Turbo, as I was looking at the stock handlebars the other day, it looked almost like you could turn the stock bar upside down, then around so that it's once again pointed back, but downward. You'd have to drill new wiring holes and patch the old ones, but it looks like it'd be cheap clubman bars. Just wouldn't have much drop.

Bill, I had no idea you used to have dreads man! My head used to be too big for any hat (cap at full adjustment MIGHT go on) but now there's no way anything fits hat-wise. I really love my dreads, but I'm afraid I may have to part with them to fit in a helmet.

Speaking of helmets, I really like the idea of modulars for daily driving (getting stuck in traffic, etc.) I've heard some people say they're not as safe as a full helmet, but at the same time, it'd be better than a 3/4. Any opinions?

I'll look into a set of pants. I had no idea about jeans only lasting 0.5 seconds...
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