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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Okay. I rode over to Cycle gear and after taking a pass on their huge selection of Frank Thomas crap (I bought a pair of FT boots a number of years back and they literally fell apart within a few months. Imagine riding along at about seventy in heavy commuter traffic and the sole starts flapping, you lift your foot from the peg to see what the hell is going on and the whole sole blows off....) I tried on some racing style pants whic didn't fit so hot, and several pairs of denim style pants with armor at the knees (removeable for washing)and Kevlar in all the right places and bought a nice fitting pair of RedRoute brand...likely made in China. Price; at under a hundred bucks plus tax.
I asked the very helpful young lady about Kevlar socks to go with my carbon fiber filpflops for when I'm riding my old Sporty, and oddly enough she didn't think that I was funny.
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