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Default s1rtophamh4tt's Super Beetle

Hey everybody. I recently bought a 74 super from a guy named Herbie (no shit ) it's been primed over the stock red paint, halfway rhino-lined on the inside with all of the carpet and panels ripped out, the tranny is probably shot, and who knows what else is wrong with it...that's what I'm here for.

I'm not sure what led me to buy this little bug, but I got a hair in my ass one day to buy a project car, and this guy was only $1300. I'm looking to turn it into a little rat rod to run around in, right now I'm focused on getting the gearbox squared away, then I'll be playing with the chassis and giving her some power to play with. Aesthetically I'll probably leave it as is, maybe throw some metal race seats in it, sand the primer off to let the factory red peek through and pinstripe the shit out of it...I'm sure I'll interact with a bunch of you folks throughout the project!

First Update - adjusted the valves, played with the carbs, flushed the tranny, test drove it, it ran ok but still needed some fine tuning. Went out the next day, played around with it some more...go to start it and nothing, killed the battery trying to crank it...ran some meaningless errand in my other car, parked in front of the bug and notice my gas cap is sitting on the ground. Somebody had siphoned my gas! I'll play with it some more this weekend and see how we're sitting

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