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Have no probelm with palleting a motor ,,shipped about a 1/2 dozen V-12's that way. But this is a complete running motor,( kinda defeats the purpose of buying a running motor ,,just to rebuild it ),Not taking it apart and putting in boxes.. They weigh bout 250 I'd say. DHL limit is 150 lbs...and anymore Shipping weight that size gonna be more than someone pays for the motor.

Just shipped Texas Buggy a 3 rib,, thats was 98 lbs
cost 100 bux thru Greyhound

200 lbs through UPS,,would love to see that. UPS here
wanted $36 to ship a damn steering wheel to Ill. lol

I'll ship anything ,,but when you get to Motors rear axles and frames.. Will crate it ,pallet it but the buyer has to arrange the shipping.. also ..handles stuff
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