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Originally Posted by alykat View Post
Your missing the point or might just be me..
Believe me I know there are ways to ship anything ( as we have done it ) Just saying that alot of people seem to think it's as easy as packing up a wheel. Though your asking X amount they ask for it for less ,you say fine you pull it out. Then they say,"well I live California"
lol,,ok so now your selling it for less,,still doing the same amount of work. Plus getting it ready to ship freight ,getting the pallet ( there easy enough to find ) getting the quotes ( and finding the best one cause you know there gonna say "oh thats to much" ) Then either spending time waiting for a truck to pick it up or having to take it to the depot. this point you have given it away.I guess I was trying to point out that,if you ask someone to work with you on something putting forth a lil effort on yer own ,,,ya know

Always willing to work with people,just seems in this day and age everyone expects that once they click a button ,,things magically appear,,maybe I'm just getting old
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