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Not much new and no pics, sorry.

I got a raised adj. front beam from one of the local guys for my 74 baja. It had numerous layers of paint with the last one being bright green So, I took it to work, had it shot blasted, then it rained all the way home so it had surface rust on it already. I used a 5" wire wheel to clean it again and spray bombed some primer on it. Today, I bought some gloss black Krylon and painted it.

I ripped/cut most of the old headliner out of the baja today

I got an aluminum sand sealed pulley from the same guy (all for free ) and put it on the baja today. It seems to have stopped the oil leak I drove the baja up and down the dirt road a couple of times and spun the 31x10.50s a few times , just to warm up the oil,ya know. The bug looks just like it did in the pics above, still with no glass in it I'm going to try to do some more stuff to the baja this weekend, depends on the weather DAMN HURRICANES!!!!
Nothing new on the 69.
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No pics, but oh well, if you really, really need to see metal removed, turn off your computer and work on your car... ~ Ray-Dean

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