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Default Re: The PET THREAD...

I found the video of how much fun he makes everything, you can see one side he pulled down the rubber material I used to keep leaves from blowing under the door, he has also gotten hold of the seal on the bottom of the door, I have a couple 5 gallon buckets inside the door, every once in a while he will get on top of them and hang from the door
I found it easier to chain him up till I get the door opened makes it muck easier, but he can get his choker collar off, I think he purposely lost it thinking I won't be able to tie him up, I have an extra

This dog has done so much for me, going on 20 months since I gave up all the pain pills, I hafta say I now realize how bad those pills made me feel

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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