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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Exhausting Work

So I drove for over 2-1/2 hours to go to the Volkstoberfest Show in Melbourne, Florida and the show was nothing compared to last years show. Only a handful of cars showed up and the Swap area was maybe a dozen vendors, and to top it all of I forgot to bring my camera, but it wasn't a waist of trip, I did manage to score some great parts for the build. I picked up a full set of coil-over shocks for both the front and rear and a quad megaphone exhaust system new in the box for $30.00 (SCORE)...

So I began to disassemble the Stinger exhaust system that was on the car.

Then I began to trim the back end to make the new exhaust system to fit.

Also picked up a new set of gaskets and nuts.

Here is how it looks on the car, I like it better than the stinger, it cleans up the rear end. I still need to trim the back end a little and begin to work on cleaning up the rear section of the car (as always we will come up with something kool for the back end, just can't keep it simple).

Until next time...
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