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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Al Low Ha, the truck IS going to Lawrence in Waipahu, Hawaii. Not too familiar with Hawaii, sorry.

Lawrence bought my Stoll coupe a little over a year ago. Really great guy. Someone who appreciates unique.

...Yeah I saw that wild looking car over on the samba. I like the flow of the grill and hood top section, but not the lower section between the front fenders where the apron once was or the dropping bodyline of the front hood. I'm thinking more along the same "lines" as the Ford hood and side panels.

Getting anxious. Been scouring all of craigslist for sheetmetal '37 Ford front and rear fenders, hood, grill, hood side panels, running boards and front cowl. Reading that, it sounds like I should just buy a complete '37 and scrap what I don't use? Might be cheaper??

Anyway, thanks for keeping the ideas flowing. Mark
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