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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Wow! That front end is looking great. Nice work. I like that you are keeping the hood low and I presume are going to be cutting down the grill to match.

As for the rear.....the problem I always have with the Heb-like cars (including to some extent the original Heb) is that the rear end is too high and bulbous in order to fit the upright Type 1 cooling fan and intake in there. I would love to see one done with a Type 3 motor with the proper ducting to get the cooling right. It would be about impossible in a regular Beetle due to the lack of space rearward of the engine....

...but it looks like you have the longer stretched '37 rear fenders on this, so you should have plenty of room. The questions is where to pull the air in from the outside. Should have plenty of room immediately behind the rear of the passenger compartment for some tasteful vents....could even do it from inside the rear fender wells if you filtered it.

Going the Type 3 cooling route would let you have a relatively flat rear decklid/trunklid that would be much closer visually to the 37 Hood.

Just my 3 cents. No matter what you do, I am sure it will look killer.
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