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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

Still no car work! I still have more work to be done in the house before I can focus on the garage, or anything else...

Cleared out more over-grown weeds in back of the garage & or uncovered a fireplace! I took pics, but, I'm at work & I forgot to bring my camera . Looks like it will be fine for some nice nights out back burning the extra scrap building materials the PO left for me to clean up (Ass Holes!) & drinking a couple beers, or in my case some Capt'n & Ginger!

Cut out a bunch of Water pipes in the basement... They were going to the old water heater that is no longer in use. I was hoping that that would take care of the rust problem I have been having, coming from the hot water only... Well, it didn't work! I had to drain my electric water heater 2 more times! That makes it a total of 6 TIMES!!! The watre is coming out clearer, but, still has a tinge to it. I hope it goes away!

After that:
I took my girls for a 2-3 mile walk from our house to the park. On our way home, we were about 1/4 mile from home. My yougest (9 Y/o) was holding my hand. She ended up tripping, landed on her knee, scraped the shit out of it! (It was BAD! & I didn't take a picture... <~ Dumbass! (she would probably like to look back on it when she's older... LOL!) Well, she held it in & didn't cry like a Baby. Made her Daddy Proud! But, when we got home & I was cleaning it out with the peroxide... Well, she wasn't as brave & let out a loud screem.. & cried a little... Poor kid! Now my ex is probably going to give me a guilt trip, as usual! Seems everytime I have my girls (which is 5 days a week) they end up getting hurt! Maybe, it's because I let them be kidz!

That was pretty much all except for making breakfast, lunch, dinner, & going shopping...

Hope everyone else had a Great Weekend!

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