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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

I am finally done with the paint guy. He painted the 4 fenders, 2 doors and the hood last night. I have them at my house, in the family room with a fire in the stove baking the paint!! Finally. He was screwing my pretty good the last 2 months now. I had another painter lined up for this weekend to finish it for me. Man, Iíll tell you. Trying to get a car painted was the hardest part of building this car. Iíll cut and weld anything and try body work OVER dealing with painters. Painters are like Lawyers. They are dicks. I gave him the Subaru and a MP3 (5gig) to paint the car, PLUS almost 200 to the shop owner to use the paint booth. He fíd these parts up back in Dec. and I had to resand them and JUST NOW got them repainted. The worst part was that he was going to paint 3 other cars and like 5 John Deere tractors just from doing my car. People wanted to see how good of a job he can do. Well now he lost all that work (that was on the side for him), just because he Fíd me over. Those jobs were BIG cash deals too! Donít get me wrong. He did a hell of a great job painting. But the scheduling part SUCKS.. Heís my age and has 2 little girls and a wife (that doesnít work). He has NO TIME to work on side work, now we know!!!

Sorry I was ranting. Just had to let someone know.

SO I got my stuff painted yesterday!
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