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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

It was very windy here yesterday. I never saw the news to see the "official" recap but the boys' basketball hoop ended up across the hood & windshield of the wife's Expedition (somehow it didn't crack the windshield, just left orange paint on the glass and black paint on the hood, which she took off with a Magic Eraser), we have a few tree branches in the yard, the screen room over the pool looks to be tilted a few degrees now, all the lawn furniture is flipped over (vinyl "wicker" over a metal frame) and the back wall of the lean-to on my back shed is now just a half-wall. I was out in my shop for a few minutes and the doors were rattling the worst I've seen and the 6x10 enclosed trailer I have next to the garage was rocking so bad I thought it was about to be flipped into the shop wall.

Our yard is between a couple acres of open field and another open field with a pond so the wind just whips through here when we have any. I'm going to plant some shrubs or trees along the property line on both sides.
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