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pg5 ownage...

all of these are care of lead fist chop shop (my two bandmates) in kingston new york... all metal work is done by hand...

kyle's 113" with a teardropped mustang tank that got sold.

and his old tank that's still for sale

phil's old 666 bike (note the jockey shift at the rear wheel and 22" apes and foot clutch
this pic was when phil won the bike show at the orlando's rumblers show back in 2004 without even entering the bike in the show. lol.

this is a 47 knuck that's being built for a customer.
frame cut in 1/2 all tubes bent by hand... the bike is MUCH farther along, but i lost my camera's battery charger a month ago or so.

top view of tank when the initial shaping was finished

this is the stretchy cheap ass chopper bicycle

and lastly, the blue collar special... 78 550 w/ apes and fat bobs made rigid.
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