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Default Re: Paint How To: Magic Crystals

hey all, another company that makes this stuff is Alsa. These guys make all sorts of speciality coatings and paints. you can find them at your local automotive paint supplier. they have the crystal efect, marbleizer, candies, jumbo flakes, you name it. their crystal seems to be like the others listed here. shoot base color then pour over crystal soloution, let dry, then second color then wash off crystals then top coat. very effective. let air dry in a still room with low humidity gets best results. force drying inhibits growth of crystals. of course you can do the same thing with out the expense. ( but only if you have a small panel or small section to cover) use water then use carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on back side of panel to freeze water and have frost effect. you must use a faster reducer for the cold temp but sometimes this works. sometimes it dont. but if there is any air movement on the crystals or water the crystals wont form. here' another trick to try........spray first color. then using a "clean" straw wisk broom spread out the straw with your hand and shoot second color thru the straws. this leaves a nice effect. if you dont want to do it that way ........spray first color, then use an intercoat clear and let dry. (this seals first color) then spray a wet coat of second color. use wisk broom to "brush" thru the second color while it's still wet ( wet but not running ). let flash over then top coat.
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