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Exclamation Rat Patrol front axle
Re:: I've had numerous requests for this info.   

I recieved yet another request, for the information about the tube front end that was used on the Rat Patrol. I have never saved any of the responses that I,ve sent to people so maybe if I post it here I can just refer to this thread.

Here is my responce to todays request for information:

I built the front end mount for the Rat Patrol and I could custom build another one but will not be as cheap as the SoCal front end that Speedway Motors sells. What you would get from me is a COMPLETE BOLT-ON KIT. If you are building your car on a budget or on the cheep, either go with the Speedway kit or build the mount yourself.

These are the parts that I used for the Rat Patrol. They are Speedway Motors parts.
Part # 913-39010 axle assm $439.99
910-32100 spindles $219.99
835-140150 disc brakes $649.99
The only thing that I had to modify was the hair pins. They needed to be shortened. I also needed to build the steering arms to bolt to the spindles. I think the new Speedway front end kit for VW's have every thing needed in one kit but I'm not sure.
That kit is Part #910-34489 $799.99 and 913-39055 $899.99 I really don't know if they are using the axle that I recommend or not. The reason that I use that axle is so that I can run The 2 piston calipers for their modified Chevy spindles. The 4 piston units are way too much brake for the weight of a VolksRod front end and a stock VW master cylinder doesn't have enough volume to run the 4 piston brakes.
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