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Default Re: Channeling how-to

Super nice work

The time it takes to finish a job such as this takes lots of time, and dedication, I myself have all the time to do a job like this, I only lack the dedication. I plan to do a body drop on my V-Rod someday, my plans take a totally different approach, but then again who knows, my plans could change

I hope to get my 1st VW project (the BitchN Bug) back on the front burner as soon as I can, at the moment I'm just trying to keep my daily driver (the V-Rod) to the point I don't need to fix something every other week. It's almost been a year now since I started driving it, and my garage has been taken over with my old daily driver, I hope to have it out soon so I can get on with my VW addiction

Again, very nice work

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