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Update time...

Unfortunately, I don't have parts to mail out yet. However, I have made significant progress in remaking the patterns. I worked with a friend at work to create the patterns in 3D CAD so they can be CNC cut on the ShopBot at Techshop.

And just tonight I spent a few hours over at TechShop getting all the cutter paths programmed for the ShopBot. I already have the material blanks laminated and cut to size.

I have the ShopBot reserved for 6 hours on Friday night. Will see how fast I can cut each pattern. Plan to be done over the weekend and take them to the foundry on Monday.

Good thing is that there should be no dimensional discrepancies between the two halves this time. I looked at some other possible ways of making the patterns but did not have the confidence that I wouldn't end up in the same situation as before. The CAD/CNC route may have taken a little longer, but will give me the best chance of good parts.

Thanks for the continued patience.
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