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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Well I had one of those days...when you are going and going, thinking you are making some good progress...ideas are just flowing, you're cutting away, tacking, thinking this is IT, I'VE GOT IT! Well, after about 5 hours of tackling what I thought was a good idea for the rear quarter panels and rear fenders, I came up with this:

And this...

And this..

Stood back and only to then realize...yup, this is NOT it.
I felt like someone wronged me. Like I should fire the guy that came up with such a crappy plan. What a pile of poop! Two days later and now looking at the above photos, I feel like I still got shafted. The fenders mounting idea...all wrong. The shape of the rear quarters...all wrong. The front/rear decklid angle...yup all wrong. I'm going to need meds.

If anyone sees anything "right' about the way the rear looks, please let me know. But I have a feeling the census will be, "go back to the drawing board and do it again!"
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