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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

What about splitting the rear fender at the factory 37 Ford crown and then splitting the original VW fender at the same point and marry the two together. It will take a little hammer and bag and then english wheel or a plenishing hammer to get the right radius on the Vw side but then the fenders would bolt right back onto the VW body.
Another way might be to use the VW bug fenders but stretch them to the width you need and then add the last 1/3 of the trailing fender from the 37 Ford ,then weld a small rod up the middle of the whole fender to get your 37 Ford fender peak. pencil mark is to indicate cut and use trailing piece to the left of mark to make the transition for rear of fender. Just an idea to create a ton of sheetmetal work.

What about narrowing the trunk lid off of a 1938-1940 Ford coupe to make that rear deck lid radius work with the fenders? Okay its 1:37 am and I just came in from the shop where we are building a 1932 Ford Pickup so I have too much Henry Ford on the mind and not enough sleep. Good Luck and I know it will turn out even better than the last two awesome VWs you have built.

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