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Default Re: '37 Volkster Coupe

Oh this is great. T-3 cooling I don't think will be necessary but it's an option if I find the rear decklid curve interferes.

1jarhead2 - made a trip out to a local classic car junk yard to find an early trunk lid but nothing really matched up to the lines of the fenders. I wish I could find a rear trunk lid and rear quarter panels off a 37 coupe! But I will tackle the rear tomorrow. See if it's possible to use some of the roof metal.

Palepainter, I think you have something there with the roof metal.

Fonzy, I'm following...the front hood section that is on there needs to be flattened out and spread between the fenders. I'm going to split the rear down the middle and spread it. I think I'm going to pull some sheetmetal off the roof, flatten out the widened cowl section and hood section and see if it's possible to blend the two together?

On the rear apron section, I think I'll spilt the front clip as well as the rear bug clip and see if I can get one of them to work for the lower apron. Boat tailing the rear would add another degree of complication so I think trying the above might get me somewhere off stuck.

Thanks for the advice guys. Let's see what happens Sunday.
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