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Lightbulb how to raise/lower your vw, irs/swingaxle

no bs please, add your info then someone kindly lock it in the tech bin~
this is what I have to start with. Any more links,I know there are some more. But I have slow puter syndrome this morning.

links~ r
(old thread good info)

Just unbolt the springplate cover pull the springplate out until it releases the tention against the torsionhousing. Pull out carefully until the splines are released then just turn one or two splines up. Push the torsionplates back in. To make the plates go back into the bushing you might need to use longer bolts for the coverplate until you get it that much in so you can use the original bolts.
Just like any vw rearsuspension lowering.

Unless you have VERY quick hands I would suggest using the tool. They're only around $20 or so from the magazine retailers and make indexing the rear suspension MUCH safer.

Plus if you have one of the tools, everybody wants to be your friend so they can lower (or raise) their cars as well. I've loned mine out quite a bit over the past few years and even though the friendships don't last more than the couple hours that the tool is in use, at least you have time to suck down a couple of their beers.

Buy a tool, make some friends, get free beer. It's that easy!!

Well those springplates I have released have not been that bad.. And I have done a few. I use a crowbar to bend them out. I put it in between the torsionhousing and springplate from the front. There have never been too much tension in them.... It just will kick about an inch or two at the end of the torsionplate...

to lower the car do you turn the splines clock wise or counter clock wise?
passenger side clockwise to lower-driver side counterclockwise
in both cases the thing to remember is you want the springplate closer to the sky

Some pics...

info on other types, like buses, please state 'Bus' info.
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