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Default Re: how to raise/lower your vw, irs/swingaxle


I just did the FRONT end on my 70 square this morning. I spent an hour or 2 on samba FAQ T-3 lowering info. I only wanted my front end down slightly down in front compared to the slight sag in the rear.

So, all the info I read there said by going one outer spline would give 2-1/2" drop. That was going to be too much for my tire size & offset. So reading more of it, you could get incremental adjustments by using both the inner coarse splines as well as the outer finer splines....going a few splines one way and a few the opposite way. That is Ok if you can keep your head straight!

So, I thought I'd try just one outer to see if I could live with 2-1/2........Well it is only 1-3/8" lower when measured at the top of my headlights. I wanted around 1-1/2, so I got lucky, as it only took an hour.
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